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We  produce translucent, dim out and blackout roller blinds, which are composed of flat and jacquard fabrics.


In accordance with the requests of our customers, we have «Flame Retardant» and «Antibacterial» finishing applications.


Digital Printed and colorful roller and vertical blinds are also served to our partners.


All roller blinds produced by DKC Teknik Kaplama has Oeko- Tex Label.

Our products don’t include any harmful substances.

We have a capacity of 600,000 mt per month.



§2 Direct Coating Lines up to 320 cm  working width.

§2 pcs Fulards

§2 pcs Washing tanks

§2 pcs Weft organizers

§3 pcs Chemical mixers

§2 pcs Foam generators

§2 pcs Calenders

§3 pcs Quality Control Machines


§1 pc Laboratory type coating machine

§ 1 pc laboratory type stenter

§ 1 pc viscometer

§ 1 pc pH meter

§ 2 pcs of lab. type mixer


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